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The Smart Minds Arabic Language Journey
Smart Minds Learning delivers Arabic Language education designed to meet children’s emergent intellectual needs. According to scientific studies and research, the greatest growth of human brain occurs before the age of twelve, with much of that development occurring in the first few years of life. Children retain significant adaptability in their brain, which allows growth and interconnection of brain cells. This neuron plasticity can be shaped through visual-motor integration and auditory-motor integration. The degree of mental development achieved by a child during this age range has a great influence over his/her future.

For that reason, many experts recommend introducing children at a young age to a new language, or to other mental development disciplines, as these activities stimulate the brain. Envisioning this, Smart Minds has designed a special curriculum for the Arabic Language Course to meet our childrens’ emergent intellectual needs.

The goal of the Arabic Language course is to help students master the basic skills in learning the Arabic language which include listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will be given activities and practice exercises to encourage them to use mental processes that support long-term learning such as observation, drawing conclusions, cognition, and vocabulary enrichment.

This course will be taught for non-Arabic speakers and Arabic speakers alike by first assessing each child’s current level of comprehension. Consequently, students will be divided into three groups by their Arabic proficiency:

  • Beginner Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Advanced Level

This is to ensure that each child is taught at his/her level—not too easy and not too hard. Furthermore, talented students will benefit by more complex Arabic, while beginner students will learn basic Arabic.


Our teaching methodology meets today’s varied learning styles. Our time is divided into efficient sessions of the lesson, activity, practice, and project work, to ensure thorough understanding of the language. Let the journey begin!

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maysaa alsous - arabic teacher virginia

Maysaa Alsous

CEO – arabic and mental math teacher
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Khadija hamad

Arabic Teacher